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Amitoj Singh, Jonathan Rodriguez, John Huynh

Our goal is to empower users by giving them a new method to find animes to watch. We hope to offer a unique sense of exploration when allowing users to find an anime, unlike any other simple list or site would. Our goal is that through the plot chart and pie chart users will be able to find specific animes statistically similar to their favorite animes. Then through the node graph, we hope to have our users be able to explore new genres by seeing genres with significant overlap with other genres. Select your favorite anime through the list or plot chart to learn more about the animes in that genre! Use the waffle chart to learn more about how a selected anime or genre is received by the public! Use the node graph to learn more about which genres are commonly seen together!

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Compared to other animes in the , "" has a then average percentage of 5 stars. (% vs %). When comparing one stars, "" has a than average percentage. (% vs %).

Nodes in this graph represents all anime genres. Edges in this graph represents the animes that contain both genres and its width is how much the amount of animes connecting those two genres.